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Measuring Pollution Quiz PDF: Questions and Answers - 31

The Measuring Pollution Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Measuring Pollution Quiz Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 1-31 to solve Marine Pollution Practice Tests. Learn How to Measure Pollution MCQ Questions PDF, Measuring Pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) to learn online bachelor degree courses. The Measuring Pollution Trivia App Download: Free learning app for noise pollution, deep sea mining, ships, polluting organic chemicals, measuring pollution test prep for online associates degree.

The Quiz: Toxicology' is associated with study of; "Measuring Pollution" App (iOS & Android) with answers: Deserts; Enzymes; Poison; Germs; for online associates degree. Study How to Measure Pollution Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online masters programs.

Measuring Pollution Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 31

MCQ 151:

Toxicology' is associated with the study of;

  1. Enzymes
  2. Deserts
  3. Poison
  4. germs
MCQ 152:

The best known organic 'pollutant' is defined as:

  1. DDT
  2. Petroleum
  3. CCFs
  4. Ozone
MCQ 153:

Ships engine produces; CO2, SO2 and

  1. Paper waste
  2. Plastics
  3. NO2
  4. carbon
MCQ 154:

The precious metals, included; silver, Manganese, copper, gold and

  1. CO2
  2. Oxygen and carbon
  3. Zinc
  4. platinum
MCQ 155:

The amplitude of the wave, measuring amount of energy, related to the;

  1. amount of energy utilized
  2. amount of energy realized
  3. amount of energy carried
  4. amount of energy absorbed

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