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Practice Measuring Pollution quiz questions and answers PDF, measuring pollution trivia questions 84 to learn online Marine Pollution course for online classes. How to Measure Pollution MCQ questions, Measuring Pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Measuring Pollution Quiz" PDF eBook: fate of spilled oil, sources of qil contamination, nitrogen cycle in marine environment, halogenated hydrocarbons, measuring pollution test prep for online university.

"In humans, an approximate, oral dosage of 15000 mg/kg, characterized as;" MCQ PDF: super toxic, very toxic, slightly toxic, and very slightly toxin for free online college classes. Solve how to measure pollution questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online masters programs.

Trivia Quiz on Measuring Pollution MCQs

MCQ: In humans, an approximate, oral dosage of 15000 mg/kg, characterized as;

Very Toxic
Super Toxic
Slightly Toxic
Very Slightly Toxin

MCQ: Toxaphene, terms as very harmful insecticide, affecting; the lungs, nervous system and

Causes abnormality
Causes death
Causes disruption of blood circulation
Causes vision issues

MCQ: Autotrophic organisms are characterized as, feeding;

on other organisms
on animals
on plants

MCQ: Almost, 61% of the oil incidents are caused by; fires, explosions and

equipment failures
Natural disaster
Acid rains
Human Activities

MCQ: Firstly, an oil spill, spreading out over a large part of the;

Sea surface
Deep ocean
Land surface
Earth Core

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