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Practice Halogenated Hydrocarbons quiz questions and answers, halogenated hydrocarbons MCQ with answers PDF 85 to solve Marine Pollution mock tests for online college programs. Solve Oil and Organic Pollution trivia questions, halogenated hydrocarbons Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Halogenated Hydrocarbons Quiz PDF: origin of plastic, sources of metals, measuring pollution, polluting organic chemicals, halogenated hydrocarbons test prep for best online colleges.

"Chlordane Pesticide, used on agricultural crops, lawns, and gardens, for the purpose of;", halogenated hydrocarbons Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices termite control, insects control, animals control, and plants control for colleges and universities exams. Practice oil and organic pollution questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online college courses.

Quiz on Halogenated Hydrocarbons MCQs


Chlordane Pesticide, used on agricultural crops, lawns, and gardens, for the purpose of;

Insects control
Termite control
Animals control
Plants control


The persistent oils are classified on the basis of their;

Specific gravity


A fixed dose at one out of four level is known as:

Up and down procedure
Fixed dose
Acute Toxic


Antiseptic mercurochrome and the use of thiomersal in the preservation of vaccines are:

Phased out


Plastics are able to adsorb a polar organic materials such as; polyaromatic and

Aliphatic hydrocarbons
polychlorinated hydrocarbons.

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