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Trachea and Lungs Quiz Questions PDF p. 7

Practice Trachea and Lungs quiz questions and answers, trachea and lungs MCQs with answers PDF 7 to practice Histology mock tests for online college programs. Practice Respiratory System quiz questions with answers, trachea and lungs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Trachea and lungs Quiz" PDF Book: neurons and types, cytoplasmic organelles: mitochondria, trachea and lungs test prep for best online colleges.

"While breathing oxygen moves", trachea and lungs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices outside the body, inside the body, no effect on concentration of the oxygen, and none of above for online university classes. Practice respiratory system questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

Quiz on Trachea and Lungs


While breathing oxygen moves

inside the body
outside the body
no effect on concentration of the oxygen
none of above


The shape of the mitochondria is

thread-like only
rod-like only
thread and rod like


The outer membrane of the mitochondria is

irregular only
smooth only
irregular and smooth


The neuron that receives stimuli from the environment and transmits it to CNS is known as

motor neurons
sensory neuron
neuron stimulus


The diameter of the nucleus is about

2-7 µm
3-6 µm
2-10 µm
3-10 µm
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