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Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer MCQ Quiz Online

Practice Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer quiz answers PDF to learn histology online course for histology classes. Eye: Ciliary Body Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer quiz questions for online university courses. "Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer MCQ" PDF Book: eye: ciliary body test prep for online undergraduate degree.

"Suspensory ligament is also called as" MCQ PDF: ciliary muscles and ciliary layer with choices zonulae, dense layer, tunica vasculosa, and superachoroidal lamina for online university courses. Learn ciliary muscles and ciliary layer quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accredited online degree programs.

MCQs on Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer Quiz

MCQ: Suspensory ligament is also called as

dense layer
tunica vasculosa
Superachoroidal lamina

MCQ: The zonular fibers are made up of a protein, named as


MCQ: The ciliary body is formed by the thickening of the

Bruch's membrane
uveal layer

MCQ: Suspensory ligament of the lens is formed by the combination of the

Fibrillin only
zonular fibers only
endocrine gland
Fibrillin and zonular fibers

MCQ: The ciliary muscle is formed by the bulk of

ciliary vessels
ciliary body
vessel layer
zonular fibers

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