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The Global Warming Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Global Warming Quiz Answers PDF e-Book download Ch. 5-47 to solve Global Warming Practice Tests. Learn Global Village MCQ Questions PDF, Global Warming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) to study e-learning courses. The Global Warming Trivia App: Free download learning app for forests, global warming test prep for colleges and universities exams.

The Quiz: What are two stages involved in photosynthesis; "Global Warming Quiz" App (iOS & Android) with answers: Light energy and green chemical chlorophyll; Light-dependent reactions and Calvin cycle; Cellular respiration and Carbon dioxide; Glucose and Cellular respiration; for colleges and universities exams. Study Global Village Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online degrees.

Global Warming Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 47

MCQ 231:

What are the two stages involved in photosynthesis?

  1. Light-dependent reactions and Calvin cycle
  2. Light energy and green chemical chlorophyll
  3. Cellular respiration and Carbon dioxide
  4. Glucose and Cellular respiration
MCQ 232:

Greenhouse gases are; carbon dioxide, methane and:

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Chlorofluorocarbons
  3. Sulphur dioxide
  4. Chemicals
MCQ 233:

In 1990s, the approximate net loss in the forest zone:

  1. 740 000 km2
  2. 640 000 km2
  3. 1040 000 km2
  4. 940 000 km2
MCQ 234:

Average 'biogas' generates is:

  1. 20 kW per day
  2. 10 kW per day
  3. 40 kW per day
  4. 50 kW per day
MCQ 235:

Evaporation' is the process of:

  1. Turning from solid to liquid
  2. Turning from gas to solid
  3. Turning from liquid into vapors
  4. Turning from vapors into liquid

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