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Learn Exploitation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Exploitation quiz answers PDF to study global warming online course for global warming classes. Why Should We Be Concerned Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Exploitation quiz questions for schools that offer certificate programs. "Exploitation MCQ" PDF Book: why should we be concerned test prep for distance learning programs.

"Coal' is the main source of energy for:" MCQ PDF: exploitation with choices machines, technology network, industrial developments, and industries for schools that offer certificate programs. Study exploitation quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online university courses.

MCQs on Exploitation Quiz

MCQ: Coal' is the main source of energy for:

Technology network
Industrial developments

MCQ: Exploitation of natural resources by human; involved:

Renewable resources
Non-renewable resources
Fossil fuels
All of above

MCQ: Tropical forests contains half of the Earth's:

Biological Species
Natural Resources

MCQ: What did involve in coal formation?

Dead organisms
Dead Plant materials
Dead marine organisms
Dead animals

MCQ: Tropical forests are important for maintaining the climate of:

Polar zone
Tropical region
Sub tropical regions
Temperate regions