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Amphibian Embryology MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Amphibian Embryology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve amphibian embryology quiz answers PDF worksheet, zoology test for online courses. Practice embryology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Amphibian Embryology Quiz" questions and answers for free online college courses. Learn fertilization, amphibian embryology, vertebrate embryology, embryonic development, cleavage and egg types test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

"The process in which the ectoderm covers the entire embryo is called as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on amphibian embryology with choices morula, blastula, epiboly, and endoderm for free online college courses. Solve amphibian embryology quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accredited distance learning universities.

MCQs on Amphibian Embryology PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The process in which the ectoderm covers the entire embryo is called as

  1. morula
  2. blastula
  3. epiboly
  4. endoderm


MCQ: The process during which the neural tube begins to form is called

  1. morulation
  2. neurulation
  3. gastrulation
  4. blastulation


MCQ: Frogs have a pigmented

  1. animal pole
  2. vegetal pole
  3. eggs
  4. ectoderm


MCQ: The pigmentation helps the developing embryos from predators, in

  1. camouflage
  2. development
  3. growth
  4. fertilization