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Cell Cycle Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Cell Cycle quiz questions and answers PDF, cell cycle trivia questions PDF to solve Cell Biology worksheet 1 for online master's degree. Practice Cell quiz questions with answers, cell cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for Cell Biology. Free cell cycle MCQs, bacteria and archaea, mendel and gene idea, genomes and their evolution, protists, cell cycle test prep for free online college classes.

"Which of the following should be attached for the activation of cell cycle kinases?", cell cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices protease, lipase, cyclin, and oxidase for best online colleges.

Quiz on Cell Cycle PDF Download eBook 1

Cell Cycle Quiz

MCQ: Which of following should be attached for activation of cell cycle kinases?

  1. lipase
  2. protease
  3. cyclin
  4. oxidase


Protists Quiz

MCQ: Periods of extensive growth of dinoflagellates in water causes which of following phenomenon?

  1. pink tide
  2. yellow tide
  3. red tide
  4. brown tide


Genomes and their Evolution Quiz

MCQ: From which scientist's work did jumping genes phenomenon first came to light?

  1. Watson
  2. mc clintok
  3. Gregory
  4. crick


Mendel and Gene Idea Quiz

MCQ: Crossing an organism of unknown genotype with that of a recessive is called

  1. Punnett's square
  2. testcross
  3. breeding cross
  4. breeding square


Bacteria and Archaea Quiz

MCQ: 'marsh gas' present in marches is actually

  1. carbon dioxide
  2. methane
  3. sulphuric acid
  4. nitrogen