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Eukaryotic Cell MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Eukaryotic Cell Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Eukaryotic Cell quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, biochemistry tests. Study Biomolecules and Cell Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Eukaryotic Cell quiz questions for free online classes. The eBook Eukaryotic Cell MCQ App Download: eukaryotic cell: nucleus, eukaryotic cell: mitochondria, eukaryotic cell: peroxisomes test prep for online university classes.

The MCQ: Cell wall the plant's cell is different from animal cell, having; PDF, "Eukaryotic Cell" App Download (Free) with nucleus, ribosomes, chloroplast, and mitochondria choices for free online classes. Practice eukaryotic cell quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for best online universities.

Biochemistry: Eukaryotic Cell MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Cell wall the plant's cell is different from animal cell, having;

A) Nucleus
B) Ribosomes
C) Chloroplast
D) Mitochondria

MCQ: Organisms i.e. plants and animals composed of;

A) Prokaryotic cell
B) Eukaryotic cell
C) Double cell
D) Cell membrane

MCQ: The basic difference between animals and plants cell, due to the presence of rigid:

A) Cell membrane
B) Cell wall in plants
C) Cytoplasm
D) Nucleus

MCQ: The number of specialized cells in the human body is, approximately;

A) 200 types
B) 230 types
C) 250 types
D) 300 types

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