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Principle of Moments MCQ Quiz PDF Download

The Book Principle of Moments Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, Principle of Moments MCQs, download to learn online sat physics courses. Study Turning Effects of Forces Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Principle of Moments quiz answers PDF for questions to ask during an interview. The eBook Principle of Moments MCQ App Download: principle of moments, moments test prep for employment assessment test.

The MCQ: Simple machine ‘lever’ works on the principle of PDF, "Principle of Moments MCQ" App Download (Free) with newton, magnitude, friction, and moments choices for questions to ask during an interview. Practice principle of moments quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for college entrance examination.

SAT Physics: Principle of Moments MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Simple machine ‘lever’ works on the principle of

A) newton
B) magnitude
C) friction
D) moments

MCQ: If an object is in equilibrium, The resultant moment about the pivot must be

A) zero
B) 1
C) negative
D) 10

MCQ: If an object is in equilibrium, all forces acting on it are

A) unbalanced
B) non zero
C) balanced
D) negative

MCQ: Bottle openers, scissors and our arm are the examples of

A) lever
B) base quantities
C) motion
D) pendulum

MCQ: When a body is in equilibrium, the sum of clockwise moments about a pivot is equal to the

A) sum of forces acting upon it
B) sum of anticlockwise moments
C) total mass
D) none of the above

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