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Colligative properties Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 4

Colligative properties quiz questions and answers, colligative properties MCQs with answers PDF 4 to practice SAT chemistry mock tests for online graduate programs. College board SAT preparation with "Solutions" quiz questions with answers, colligative properties Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice chemistry test with answers. Free colligative properties MCQs, enthalpy (heat) changes, enthalpy (heat) changes associated with phase changes, observations, ph, colligative properties test prep for employment assessment test.

"Molal boiling point constant Kb depends upon", colligative properties Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices concentration of solute, nature of the liquid, both concentration and nature of solute, and concentration of liquid for questions to ask during an interview. Practice online solutions questions and answers to improve problem solving skills.

Quiz on Colligative properties PDF Download 4

Colligative properties Quiz

MCQ: Molal boiling point constant Kb depends upon

  1. Nature of the liquid
  2. Concentration of solute
  3. Both concentration and nature of solute
  4. Concentration of liquid


pH Quiz

MCQ: PH is negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in

  1. g/litre
  2. mol/litre
  3. ml
  4. kg/litre


Observations Quiz

MCQ: The salt that gives grassy green flame is

  1. SrCl2
  2. CaCl2
  3. BaCl2
  4. CuCl2


Enthalpy (heat) Changes associated with Phase Changes Quiz

MCQ: A calorimeter is an instrument used for the measurement of

  1. Heat of formation
  2. Heat of vaporization
  3. Heat of combustion
  4. Heat of reaction


Enthalpy (Heat) Changes Quiz

MCQ: Total heat content of a system is called

  1. Entropy
  2. Enthalpy
  3. Heat capacity
  4. State function