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Reactivity of Elements Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 199

Reactivity of Elements quiz questions and answers, reactivity of elements MCQs with answers PDF 199 to practice SAT chemistry mock tests for online graduate programs. College board SAT preparation with "Descriptive Chemistry" quiz questions with answers, reactivity of elements Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice chemistry test with answers. Free reactivity of elements MCQs, experimental evidence of atomic structure, periodic trends in properties of the elements, organic compounds, metallic bond, reactivity of elements test prep for high school entrance exam.

"The lightest metal of group I-A is", reactivity of elements Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices lithium, sodium, potassium, and rubidium for job placement test. Practice online descriptive chemistry questions and answers to improve problem solving skills.

Quiz on Reactivity of Elements PDF Download 199

Reactivity of Elements Quiz

MCQ: The lightest metal of group I-A is

  1. Sodium
  2. Lithium
  3. Potassium
  4. Rubidium


Metallic Bond Quiz

MCQ: The force of attraction between metal cations and free electron gives birth to

  1. Metallic
  2. Ionic
  3. Polymeric
  4. Covalent


Organic Compounds Quiz

MCQ: The percentage of 's' and 'p' in sp3 is respectively

  1. 25 % & 75 %
  2. 33 % & 66 %
  3. 50 % & 50 %
  4. 30 % & 70 %


Periodic Trends in Properties of the Elements Quiz

MCQ: Binary compounds of hydrogen with other elements are called

  1. Halides
  2. Oxides
  3. Hydrides
  4. Hydroxides


Experimental Evidence of Atomic Structure Quiz

MCQ: Splitting of spectral lines when atoms are subjected to electric field is

  1. Compton effect
  2. Stark effect
  3. Zeeman effect
  4. Photoelectric effect