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Organic Compounds Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 13

The e-Book Organic Compounds Quiz Questions, organic compounds quiz answers PDF download chapter 5-13 to study online sat chemistry degree courses. Practice Descriptive Chemistry MCQ with answers PDF, Organic Compounds Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Organic Compounds Quiz App Download: Free learning app for periodic trends in properties of the elements, compounds of environmental concern, organic compounds test prep for online assessment test for jobs.

The Quiz Hybridization in CH2 = CH2 is: sp, sp2, sp3 and dsp2 with "Organic Compounds" App Download (Free) for job assessment test. Solve descriptive chemistry questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for high school entrance exam.

Organic Compounds Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 13

MCQ 61: The hybridization in CH2 = CH2 is

A) sp2
B) sp
C) sp3
D) dsp2

MCQ 62: Hydrosphere covers the surface of earth

A) 70.80%
B) 71.80%
C) 72.80%
D) 73.80%

MCQ 63: Electrical conductivity of metals depend upon the movement of

A) Free electrons in lattice
B) Positive charge
C) Group number
D) Mass number

MCQ 64: Oceans contains part of earth's water

A) 95%
B) 96%
C) 97%
D) 98%

MCQ 65: Human blood has a pH of

A) 8.35
B) 9.35
C) 7.35
D) 6.35

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