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Ecosystem Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 21

The Ecosystem Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Ecosystem Quiz with Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 6-21 to prepare SAT Biology Practice Tests. Solve Ecology MCQ with answers PDF, Ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college admission. The Ecosystem Quiz App Download: Free learning app for sexual reproduction in flowering plants, mammalian skin, sat biology subjective test, osmosis, ecosystem test prep for online high school college acceptance.

The Quiz: Organisms which convert radiant energy into chemical energy are; "Ecosystem" App Download (Free) with answers: Hefrotrophs; Consumer; Decomposers; Producers; for online college admission. Learn Ecology Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample to study online educational courses.

Ecosystem Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 21

MCQ 101:

The organisms which convert radiant energy into chemical energy are

  1. Consumer
  2. Hefrotrophs
  3. Decomposers
  4. Producers
MCQ 102:

In plants turgor pressure is a pressure exerted by water on

  1. cell membrane
  2. cell wall
  3. nuclear membrane
  4. nucleus
MCQ 103:

The tallness, colour and shape are examples of

  1. Phenotype
  2. Genotype
  3. Morphology
  4. Anatomy
MCQ 104:

Milk glands are modification of

  1. Rectal glands
  2. Abdominal Glands
  3. Adrenal Glands
  4. Sebaceous Glands
MCQ 105:

If ovary is in inferior position, the ovary walls are fused with

  1. Receptacles
  2. Hibiscus
  3. Clitoria
  4. Pistils

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