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The Book Density O Level Physics Test Questions, density o level physics quiz answers PDF download chapter 9-44 to learn online physics certification courses. Solve Mass, Weight and Density Test PDF, density o level physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Density: O Level Physics Trivia App Download: density: o level physics, energy and units, work and energy, reflection in physics, temperature scales test prep for online college courses.

The Test: Mass of wood is 2600 kg and the volume is 5.2 m³, its density is PDF, "Density: O Level Physics" App APK Download with 50 kg m-3, 500 kg m-3, 5000 kg m-3, and 2 × 10-3 choices for best GRE prep courses online. Study mass, weight and density questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online college classes.

Physics Tests Online: Density: O Level Physics Quiz PDF Download - 44

MCQ: Mass of wood is 2600 kg and the volume is 5.2 m³, its density is

A) 500 kg m-3
B) 50 kg m-3
C) 5000 kg m-3
D) 2 × 10-3

MCQ: An object of mass 'm' raised to a height '2h' above the ground level possesses a gravitational potential energy of

A) 1 ⁄ 2 × mgh
B) mgh
C) 2mgh
D) m × g ⁄ 2h

MCQ: A pendulum bob moves at a speed of 2 m s-1 and mass of 0.5 kg, its Ek would be

A) 1 J
B) 0.25 J
C) 0.5 J
D) 2 J

MCQ: Incident ray, reflected ray and normal lie at different points is a

A) true law of reflection
B) false law of reflection
C) neutral law of reflection
D) it's a law of refraction

MCQ: An iron wire resists 850 Ω at ice point and 860 Ω at steam point, and the resistance of wire is 853 Ω the room temperature would be

A) 10 °C
B) 20 °C
C) 30 °C
D) 40 °C

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