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Pressure in Liquids Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 43

Pressure in Liquids quiz questions and answers, pressure in liquids MCQs with answers PDF 43 to practice O level physics mock tests for online college programs. Practice "Pressure in Physics" quiz questions with answers, pressure in liquids Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free pressure in liquids MCQs, latent heat, work, energy and power, specific heat capacity, boiling and condensation, pressure in liquids test prep for ACT subject test tutoring.

"Amount of pressure of liquid increases with", pressure in liquids Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices base area, volume, mass, and depth for ACT practice test. Learn pressure in physics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online classes. Pressure in Liquids Video

Quiz on Pressure in Liquids PDF Download eBook

Pressure in Liquids Quiz

MCQ: Amount of pressure of liquid increases with

  1. volume
  2. base area
  3. mass
  4. depth


Boiling and Condensation Quiz

MCQ: Particular temperature on which a liquid boils is known as

  1. boiling point
  2. condensation point
  3. melting point
  4. sublimation point


Specific Heat Capacity Quiz

MCQ: In a science lab, a student heats up a chemical from 10 °C to 25 °C which requires thermal energy of 30000 J. If mass of the object is 40 kg, the specific heat capacity of the chemical would be

  1. 25 J kg-1 °C-1
  2. 50 J kg-1 °C-1
  3. 75 J kg-1 °C-1
  4. 100 J kg-1 °C-1


Work, Energy and Power Quiz

MCQ: Power is defined as

  1. p = W/t, where W is work and t is time
  2. p = t/W, where t is time and W is work
  3. p = W/d, where W is work and d is distance
  4. p = d/W, where d is distance and W is work


Latent Heat Quiz

MCQ: Evaporation takes place

  1. throughout the liquid
  2. only at the surface
  3. from the sides only
  4. at the bottom only