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Precision and Range Multiple Choice Questions p. 143

Study Precision and Range multiple choice questions and answers, precision and range quiz answers PDF 143 to study O Level Physics course online. Measurements in Physics MCQ trivia questions, precision and range Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Precision and Range MCQ" PDF eBook: kinetic theory, boiling point: o level physics, rate of infrared radiations, principle of moment, precision and range test prep for accredited online college courses.

"Precision of Vernier calipers is" MCQ PDF: 1 cm, 1 mm, 0.1 mm, and 0.1 cm for best two year degrees. Learn measurements in physics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for ACT test prep classes.

Precision & Range Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Precision of Vernier calipers is

1 mm
1 cm
0.1 mm
0.1 cm

MCQ: Door hinge is about 1.5 m away from handle, and a boy applies a force of 4 N. moment of force will be

5.5 N m
2.66 N m
6 N m
2.5 N m

MCQ: If the temperature of an object is low the rate of infrared radiations would be

may vary

MCQ: Boiling point of sea water is

slightly greater than the boiling point of pure water
slightly lesser than the boiling point of pure water
same as the boiling point of pure water
None of the above

MCQ: Volume is

directly proportional to pressure
inversely proportional to pressure
inversely proportional to temperature
directly proportional to friction