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Practice Energy, Work and Power Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Energy, Work and Power quiz answers PDF to learn o level physics online course for o level physics classes. Energy, Work and Power Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Energy, Work and Power quiz questions for accelerated bachelors degree online. "Energy, Work and Power MCQ" PDF Book: work and energy, efficiency: o level physics test prep for online schools that offer certificate programs.

"SI unit for power is" MCQ PDF: energy, work and power with choices joules, watts, ohms, and newton for accelerated bachelors degree online. Learn energy, work and power quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for colleges that offer online courses.

MCQs on Energy, Work and Power Quiz

MCQ: SI unit for power is


MCQ: A car stopped screeching to avoid the crash with a van, change is involved in the process is

Kinetic energy is converted into sound energy
Kinetic Energy is converted into sound and thermal energy
Potential energy is converted into sound, heat and kinetic energy
Kinetic and potential energy is converted into thermal and sound energy

MCQ: When a rubber band is compressed, type of energy possessed by the rubber is

Potential Energy
Thermal Energy
Kinetic Energy
Sound Energy

MCQ: A machine is able to lift a mass of 200 kg vertically up to the height of 30 m above the ground in 50 seconds. The power of the machine is

0.12 kW
1.2 kW
6.0 kW
300 kW

MCQ: Energy in relevance to time is related to