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Rocks and Weathering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF - 1

The Book Rocks and Weathering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Rocks and Weathering MCQ Quiz PDF, test 1 to study online geography Course. Practice Weathering and Rocks MCQs, Rocks and Weathering trivia questions and answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The eBook Rocks and Weathering MCQs App Download: structure of earth, human impact, slope processes and development career test to learn free online courses.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): The process of disintegration and decomposition of rocks is known as PDF, "Rocks and Weathering" App Download (Free) with weathering, erosion, exfoliation, and crystallization choices for colleges offering online degree programs. Solve weathering and rocks quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online bachelor degree programs.

O Level Geography MCQs: Rocks and Weathering Quiz PDF Download - 1

MCQ: The process of disintegration and decomposition of rocks is known as

A) erosion
B) weathering
C) exfoliation
D) crystallization

MCQ: Average thickness of the oceanic crust is about

A) 35-70 km
B) 6-10 km
C) 10-11 km
D) 9-10 km

MCQ: Addition of harmful substances into the environment is known as

A) pollutant
B) pollution
C) mining
D) quarrying

MCQ: Any inorganic matter is known as

A) tor
B) mineral
C) soil
D) mass movement

MCQ: Move unobtrusively along the surface is known as

A) slide
B) fall
C) slums
D) tor

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