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Learn Examples of Energy Sources Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Examples of Energy Sources quiz answers PDF to study environmental management online course for environmental management classes. Lithosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Examples of Energy Sources quiz questions for online degree programs. "Examples of Energy Sources MCQ" PDF Book: environmental management igcse, nutrient cycling, causes of land pollution, industry: economic and social growth test prep for 2 year online degrees.

"Scientists are looking for new ways of generating hydrogen from most renewable energy" MCQ PDF: examples of energy sources with choices solar energy, wind energy, coal, and sunlight for online degree programs. Study examples of energy sources quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online degrees.

MCQs on Examples of Energy Sources Quiz

MCQ: Scientists are looking for new ways of generating hydrogen from most renewable energy

Solar energy
Wind energy

MCQ: Fast running water drives the turbines that work the generators and produces

Wave energy
Nuclear weapon
Nuclear Energy

MCQ: Which copper mine is the world's largest opencast pit?

Bingham copper mine
Atlanta copper mine
Arizona copper mine
Michigan Copper mine

MCQ: The larger the dam, there is more possibility of social and

Environmental problems
Economical problems

MCQ: Companies can install energy efficient lights, heating and

Air conditions