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Alternative Energy Resources MCQ with Answers PDF

Alternative Energy Resources Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Alternative Energy Resources quiz answers PDF to study environmental management online course for environmental management classes. Lithosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Alternative Energy Resources quiz questions for colleges that offer online degrees. "Alternative Energy Resources Book" PDF: causes of land pollution, industry: economic and social growth, earthquakes impacts on people test prep for free online classes.

"Force of sea waves as they break against the coastline is known as" MCQ PDF: alternative energy resources with choices solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, and renewable energy for colleges that offer online degrees. Study alternative energy resources quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online associates degree.

MCQs on Alternative Energy Resources Quiz

MCQ: Force of sea waves as they break against the coastline is known as

Solar energy
Wind energy
Wave energy
Renewable energy

MCQ: Renewable energy do not contribute to

Global warming
Nuclear Waste

MCQ: Which energy source is expensive and used in small scales?

Solar energy
Wind energy
Geothermal Energy

MCQ: Which source of energy has benefited from the improvement in technology?

Hydro Energy
solar energy
Geothermal Energy
wind energy

MCQ: Which type of energy has high cost of research into new technology?

Non-Renewable energy
Renewable energy
Solar energy
Hydro energy