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Electrolyte and Non Electrolyte Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 69

Learn Electrolyte and non electrolyte worksheet with answers PDF, electrolyte and non electrolyte MCQ with answers to practice O level chemistry test 69 for online job interview. Practice "Electricity and Chemistry" trivia questions and answers, electrolyte and non electrolyte Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free electrolyte and non electrolyte MCQs, ionic and covalent substances, oxidation reduction reactions, organic acid, periodic table: o level chemistry, electrolyte and non electrolyte test prep for ACT prep classes.

"Non-electrolytes include", electrolyte and non electrolyte Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices tetra chloromethane (ccl4), molten sulphur, trichloromethane (chcl3), and all of above for best online colleges for teaching degree. Learn electricity and chemistry questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online GRE prep class.

Trivia Quiz on Electrolyte & Non Electrolyte PDF Download eBook

Electrolyte and Non Electrolyte Quiz

MCQ: Non-electrolytes include

  1. Molten Sulphur
  2. Tetra chloromethane (CCl4)
  3. Trichloromethane (CHCl3)
  4. all of above


Periodic Table: O Level Chemistry Quiz

MCQ: All are noble gases except

  1. Helium
  2. Neon
  3. Argon
  4. Xeon


Organic Acid Quiz

MCQ: Tartaric acid is found in

  1. grapes
  2. apples
  3. lemons
  4. oranges


Oxidation Reduction Reactions Quiz

MCQ: In Copper Oxide (CuO) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) reaction

  1. CO is being oxidized
  2. CuO is being oxidized
  3. CO is being reduced
  4. CuO is being reduced


Ionic and Covalent Substances Quiz

MCQ: Diamond is an example of

  1. ionic bonds
  2. covalent bonds
  3. metallic bonds
  4. dative bonds