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College Chemistry Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 135

College Chemistry interview questions and answers, college chemistry trivia questions PDF 135 to practice O Level Chemistry exam questions for online classes. Practice Methods of purification MCQ questions, college chemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. College Chemistry Interview Questions PDF: molecules and macromolecules, electrical devices and circuit symbols, salts: hydrogen of acids, chemistry reactions, college chemistry test prep for completely online college.

"Rare freezing of seawater can be explained through" MCQ PDF with choices presence of impurities like salts, lowering the freezing point of water, presence of breathing animals in it, and elevation of the boiling point for GRE subject tests. Learn methods of purification questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges offering online degree programs.

Trivia Quiz on College Chemistry MCQs

MCQ: Rare freezing of seawater can be explained through

lowering the freezing point of water
presence of impurities like salts
presence of breathing animals in it
elevation of the boiling point

MCQ: If NaOH(aq) reacts with HCl(aq), reaction can be known as

Thermal decomposition

MCQ: Consider the equation, Fe+3(aq) + 3OH-(aq) → Fe(OH)3(s). The precipitate of Iron(III) Hydroxide will be of

green color
blue color
brown color
white color

MCQ: Electrodes refer to the

switches in a battery
metal plates carrying electricity in the liquid
solution in electrolytic cell
solute in electrolytic cell

MCQ: In H2O molecule, unbounded electrons in oxygen are