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Properties Bases and Reactions MCQ with Answers

Properties Bases and Reactions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve properties bases and reactions quiz answers PDF worksheet, O level chemistry test for online courses. Practice acids and bases Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Properties Bases and Reactions" quiz questions and answers for GRE prep classes. Learn ph scale: acid and alkali, mineral acids: general properties, chemical reactions, acids: properties and reactions test prep for GRE practice test.

"What is true about bases (OH-)?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on properties: bases and reactions with choices they are corrosive, they turn litmus from blue to red, they turn litmus from red to blue, and they are non-metal oxides for GRE prep classes. Solve properties bases and reactions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for completely online college.

MCQs on Properties Bases and Reactions


What is true about bases (OH-)?

they are corrosive
they turn litmus from blue to red
they turn litmus from red to blue
they are non-metal oxides


An alkali (OH-) is a

water soluble base
water insoluble base
oil soluble base
oil insoluble base


NH4Cl(s) + NaOH →

Na2CO3 + H2+NO2
Na2CO3.(H2O)5 + HCl
NaCl + H2O + NH3
NaCl + HNO3


A base is a class of chemical substances which includes all

metal oxides
metal hydroxides
non-metal oxides
none of above


In the presence of phenolphthalein, alkali shows

blue color
violet color
pink color
green color