Chemical Formulae and Equations MCQ Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Chemical Formulae and Equations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), chemical formulae and equations MCQs with answers PDF to practice O level chemistry test 1 for online college programs. Learn valency and chemical formula MCQs, "Chemical Formulae and Equations" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn valency and chemical formula, valency table, chemical symbols, relative molecular mass, chemical formulas career test for GRE prep classes.

"The chemical formula of Zinc Hydroxide is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on chemical formulae and equations with choices zno2, zn(oh)2, zn2(oh)3, and znoh for schools that offer online bachelor degrees. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning valency and chemical formula quiz questions for ACT subject test tutoring.

MCQs on Chemical Formulae & Equations Quiz PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The chemical formula of Zinc Hydroxide is

  1. Zn(OH)2
  2. ZNO2
  3. Zn2(OH)3
  4. ZnOH


MCQ: Valency of Carbon (C) is

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4


MCQ: All are ionic compounds except

  1. AgCl
  2. HNO3
  3. NO2
  4. (NH4)2CO3


MCQ: Molecular weight of propane (C3H8) is

  1. 44.095 g/mol
  2. 40.01 g/mol
  3. 41.01 g/mol
  4. 46.02 g/mol


MCQ: The chemical formula of silver bromide is

  1. Ag2Br3
  2. AgBr
  3. AgBrO
  4. AgBr3.H2O