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Learn GCE Biology trivia questions and answers, gce biology worksheets with answers PDF 252 to practice O Level Biology exam questions for online classes. Practice Ecology O level Biology MCQ questions, gce biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. GCE Biology Quizzes PDF: structure of an insect pollinated flower, effects of alcohol, introduction to biology, male reproductive system, gce biology test prep for ACT subject test tutoring.

"Energy released as heat to the environment", gce biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices returns to the same organisms that produced it, returns to the same system, is non-cyclical in nature, and is converted to light for GRE subject tests. Learn ecology o level biology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for two year online colleges.

Trivia Quiz on GCE Biology MCQs


Energy released as heat to the environment

returns to the same system
returns to the same organisms that produced it
is non-cyclical in nature
is converted to light


Spermatic cord and spermatic duct are

essentially similar
different in functions and location
similar in function only
similar in location only


Kinds of tissues making up the stomach are



Short term effect of alcohol disturbs the

nervous system
digestive system
cardio-vascular system
excretion system


Color of the keel petals in Clitoria flower is

bright purple
yellowish green

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