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Excretion and Egestion MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Solve Excretion and Egestion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice excretion and egestion quiz answers PDF, O level biology worksheets for online degrees. Solve excretion: o level biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Excretion and Egestion" quiz questions and answers for best SAT prep courses online. Learn ultrafiltration, excretion and egestion, excretion in biology test prep for GRE test.

"Malpighian capsule refers to the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on excretion and egestion with choices renal capsule only, mass of blood capillaries only, mass of veins, and renal capsule and mass of blood capillaries for best SAT prep courses online. Solve excretion and egestion quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college bachelor degree.

MCQs on Excretion and Egestion PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Malpighian capsule refers to the

  1. renal capsule only
  2. mass of blood capillaries only
  3. mass of veins
  4. renal capsule and mass of blood capillaries


MCQ: Bulk of undigested material is a

  1. result of tissue respiration
  2. formed inside cells
  3. never absorbed in the cells
  4. produced due to metabolic changes


MCQ: Blood enters glomerulus through

  1. afferent arteriole
  2. efferent arteriole
  3. convoluted tubules
  4. blood capillaries


MCQ: Blood flows out of kidneys through

  1. nowhere
  2. renal vein
  3. renal artery
  4. renal pelvis


MCQ: The process of egestion is

  1. same as excretion
  2. same as defecation
  3. removal of metabolic wastes
  4. removal of toxic wastes