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The Book Connective Tissue Proteins Quiz Questions and Answers, connective tissue proteins MCQ questions PDF chapter 8-3 to download online courses, medical biochemistry tests. Solve Tissue Proteins and Body Fluid MCQ questions, Connective Tissue Proteins Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Connective Tissue Proteins MCQs App Download: nutritional importance of proteins, nutritional disorders, protein, liver function tests, connective tissue proteins test prep .

The MCQ Quiz: The impaired synthesis of the elastin results in a genetic disease is termed as PDF, "Connective Tissue Proteins" App APK Download with williams syndrome, alport syndrome, marfan syndrome, and lathyrism choices . Study tissue proteins and body fluid questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample .

Medical Biochemistry: Connective Tissue Proteins MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The impaired synthesis of the elastin results in a genetic disease is termed as

A) Alport syndrome
B) Williams syndrome
C) Marfan syndrome
D) Lathyrism

MCQ: The most abundant protein that is synthesized by the liver is

A) Albumin
B) Hemoglobin
C) Valine
D) Serine

MCQ: The molecular weight of the pepsinogen is about

A) 30000
B) 40000
C) 20000
D) 18000

MCQ: Kwashiorkor is predominantly found in

A) Children
B) Young age
C) Old age
D) Mid age

MCQ: The protein content of the vegetables is nearly

A) 18-22 %
B) 18-25 %
C) 3-4 %
D) 1-2 %

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