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Practice Nutritional Importance of Proteins Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Nutritional Importance of Proteins quiz answers PDF to learn medical biochemistry online course for medical biochemistry classes. Nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Nutritional Importance of Proteins quiz questions . "Nutritional Importance of Proteins MCQ" PDF Book: nutritional importance of carbohydrates, utilization of energy in man, nutritional disorders, nutritional importance of proteins test prep .

"The protein content of the vegetables is nearly" MCQ PDF: nutritional importance of proteins with choices 18-22 %, 18-25 %, 3-4 %, and 1-2 % . Learn nutritional importance of proteins quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQs on Nutritional Importance of Proteins Quiz

MCQ: The protein content of the vegetables is nearly

18-22 %
18-25 %
3-4 %
1-2 %

MCQ: The biological protein value of the wheat is nearly


MCQ: For an adult, the adequate amount of the protein per day is about

0.8-1.0 g proteins/kg body weight
1.1-2.1 g proteins/kg body weight
2.4-3 g proteins/kg body weight
1.0-2.9 g proteins/kg body weight

MCQ: The protein content of the eggs

6-12 %
18-22 %
18-25 %
10-14 %

MCQ: Protein act as a major supplier of the energy during