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Practice High-Energy Compounds Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), High-Energy Compounds quiz answers PDF to learn medical biochemistry online course for medical biochemistry classes. Biological Oxidation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), High-Energy Compounds quiz questions . "High-Energy Compounds MCQ" PDF Book: biological oxidation test prep .

"The high energy compounds include" MCQ PDF: high-energy compounds with choices pyrophosphates and thioester, acyl phosphates and phosphagens, enol phosphates, and all of above . Learn high-energy compounds quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQs on High-Energy Compounds Quiz

MCQ: The high energy compounds include

Pyrophosphates and thioester
Acyl phosphates and phosphagens
Enol phosphates
All of above

MCQ: The measure of the change in heat content of the reactant as compared to products is called

Free energy
Utilizable energy
Thermal energy

MCQ: The energy-rich compounds that are stored in the vertebrate muscles and brain are

Creatine phosphate
Both A and B
None of above

MCQ: The hydrolysis of the ATP is associated with the release of large amount of

Phosphate ions

MCQ: The energy link between catabolism and anabolism is