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Learn Body Fluids Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Body Fluids quiz answers PDF to study medical biochemistry online course for medical biochemistry classes. Tissue Proteins and Body Fluid Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Body Fluids quiz questions . "Body Fluids MCQ" PDF Book: connective tissue proteins, body fluids, muscles proteins test prep .

"The potassium content in the cerebrospinal fluid is about" MCQ PDF: body fluids with choices 2-3.5 meq/l, 1-2 meq/l, 1-5 meq/l, and 2-6 meq/l . Study body fluids quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQs on Body Fluids Quiz

MCQ: The potassium content in the cerebrospinal fluid is about

2-3.5 mEq/l
1-2 mEq/l
1-5 mEq/l
2-6 mEq/l

MCQ: The potassium content in the goat milk is about

55 mg/dl
140 mg/dl
130 mg/dl
85 mg/dl

MCQ: The pH range of the cerebrospinal fluid is about


MCQ: The amniotic fluid provides

Physical protection to the fetus
Medium for exchange of various chemicals
Both A and B
None of above

MCQ: In human milk, the protein contains is about

3.3 g/dl
1.1 g/dl
4.3 g/dl
5.3 g/dl