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Oceans Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 65

The e-Book Oceans Quiz Questions, oceans quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-65 to study online international relations degree courses. Practice Environment and Population MCQ with answers PDF, Oceans Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Oceans Quiz App Download: Free learning app for autonomous agencies, great power and middle powers, other experiments, global warming, oceans test prep for online college courses.

The Quiz China claims under a continental Shelf treaty conflicts with: russia, japan, britain and france with "Oceans" App Download (Free) for schools that offer certificate programs. Solve environment and population questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online bachelor degree programs.

Oceans Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 65

MCQ 321: China claims under a continental Shelf treaty conflicts with

A) Japan
B) Russia
C) Britain
D) France

MCQ 322: How many states negotiated on the question what happens after 2012 when the Kyoto Protocol expires?

A) 100
B) 120
C) 160
D) 180

MCQ 323: When did Brazil modify its financial position?

A) 2000
B) 2002
C) 2003
D) 2005

MCQ 324: United State and Japan were great power for

A) 100 years
B) 150 years
C) 200 years
D) 600 years

MCQ 325: IAEA mainly work to prevent

A) Nuclear weapons
B) Nuclear powers
C) Nuclear proliferation
D) None of above

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