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Learn Nations Accounts Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Nations Accounts quiz answers PDF to study introduction to international relations online course for introduction to international relations classes. Money and Business Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Nations Accounts quiz questions for online graduate programs. "Nations Accounts MCQ" PDF Book: host and home government relations, about money, international currency exchange test prep for free online college courses.

"IMF maintains a system of" MCQ PDF: nations accounts with choices national account, nation assets, international account, and government accounts for online graduate programs. Study nations accounts quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free online college courses.

MCQs on Nations Accounts Quiz

MCQ: IMF maintains a system of

National account
Nation assets
International account
Government accounts

MCQ: Second category of account is

Balance of trade
foreign exchange
Capital Flow
Government transaction

MCQ: The current account is basically the

Balance of power
Balance of trade
Nation transaction
International transaction