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File System and File Usage Multiple Choice Questions p. 47

Study File System and File Usage multiple choice questions and answers, file system and file usage quiz answers PDF 47 to study Computer Fundamentals course online. File Systems MCQ trivia questions, file system and file usage Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "File System and File Usage MCQ" PDF eBook: program style and layout, program libraries, basics of high level languages, logic circuits and logic gates, file system and file usage test prep to learn free online courses.

"Items in the key field of the record is classified as" MCQ PDF: key, duplicate, copied column, and copied row for information and communication technology. Learn file systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for top computer science schools in the world.

File System & File Usage Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Items in the key field of the record is classified as

copied column
copied row

MCQ: Number of logic gates and the way of their interconnections can be classified as

logical network
system network
circuit network
gate network

MCQ: Programming language which is used for scientific purposes and language work is to be done in batches is called


MCQ: Commercial organization specializing in the preparation and design of the software packages is classified as

library house
software houses
program houses
directory houses

MCQ: To make the program more easier to understand, programmers can

add comments to it
declare variable names
use secure data
both A and B