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User Interfaces Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 4

User Interfaces quiz questions and answers, user interfaces MCQ with answers PDF 4 to solve Computer Fundamentals mock tests for online college programs. Solve Communications Hardware-Terminals and Interfaces trivia questions, user interfaces Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. User Interfaces Quiz PDF: introduction to high level languages, searching, merging and sorting, digital computers, data collection and input, user interfaces test prep for computer majors.

"Technique of using two buffers as interface between two devices is called" MCQ PDF with choices single buffering, double digitalizing, double interfacing, and double buffering for online bachelor's degree computer science. Practice communications hardware-terminals and interfaces questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for master's degree in computer science.

Quiz on User Interfaces MCQs

MCQ: Technique of using two buffers as interface between two devices is called

double digitalizing
single buffering
double interfacing
double buffering

MCQ: Computer peripheral which automatically inputs the data is an example of

data capture
data sourcing
data scoring
data determining

MCQ: RAM' stands for

Random Access Memory
Read Access Memory
Read Arithmetic Memory
Random Arithmetic Memory

MCQ: In the files, if order of operation on two or more files are similar, then operation will be


MCQ: Programming language COBOL works best for use in

Siemens applications
student applications
social applications
commercial applications

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