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Storage and Handling of Files Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 17

Storage and Handling of Files multiple choice questions and answers, storage and handling of files quiz answers PDF 17 to learn Computer Fundamentals course for college certification. Learn File Systems MCQ trivia questions, storage and handling of files Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Storage and Handling of Files MCQ PDF: data collection and input, detection of program errors, computer programmer, peripheral devices, storage and handling of files test prep for information and communication technology.

"Preparation of disc for subsequent file storage is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices disc address, disc format, disc footer, and disc header for online degrees. Solve file systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for associates in computer science.

Storage & Handling of Files Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Preparation of disc for subsequent file storage is classified as

disc format
disc address
disc footer
disc header

MCQ: Teletypewriter terminal is an example of

input devices
output devices
input/output devices
storage devices

MCQ: Person who keeps the disc and tape files up to date for computer installation is called

file librarian
punch librarian
peripheral librarian
terminal librarian

MCQ: Error which occurs when program tried to read from file without opening it is classified as

execution error messages
built in messages
user-defined messages
half messages

MCQ: Document which is considered output after processing and by adding more data to this output it can be used as input is termed as

source data
capturing data
processing data
turnaround documents

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