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Subroutines Procedures and Functions Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 18

Subroutines Procedures and Functions interview questions and answers, subroutines procedures and functions trivia questions PDF 18 to practice Computer Fundamentals exam questions for online classes. Practice Programming Languages and Style MCQ questions, subroutines procedures and functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Subroutines, Procedures and Functions Interview Questions PDF: error detection and correction, data types and structures, program documentation, binary representation of characters, subroutines, procedures and functions test prep for accelerated computer science degree online.

"Function which is used in stepwise refinement of program is classified" MCQ PDF with choices library format, routine format, subroutine format, and procedure for best online schools for computer science. Learn programming languages and style questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online software development courses.

Trivia Quiz on Subroutines Procedures & Functions MCQs

MCQ: Function which is used in stepwise refinement of program is classified

routine format
library format
subroutine format

MCQ: In BCD code, maximum possible characters set size is

character set of 64
character set of 84
character set of 94
character set of 104

MCQ: Hardware and software specifications are part of

computing requirements
statement requirements
system flowchart
decision statement

MCQ: Data types are differed on the basis of

the way of storage
the type of operations
the type of operators used
both a and b

MCQ: Table which shows the results and the executed instructions is called

trace table
arithmetic table
instruction table
result table