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The Book Printers for Computer Printing Test Questions PDF, printers for computer printing quiz answers PDF, download chapter 5-128 to learn online computer fundamentals course. Solve Data Preparation and Input Test PDF, printers for computer printing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Printers for Computer Printing Trivia App Download: printers for computer printing, programs and program languages, data types and structural programming test prep for computer software engineer.

The Test: Printing technique in which characters are formed with the selected dots from rectangular matrix is called PDF, "Printers for Computer Printing Test" App APK Download with page font, letter font, paragraph font, and matrix font choices for computer science programs. Study data preparation and input questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for cheapest online computer science degree.

Computer Fundamentals: Printers for Computer Printing MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Printing technique in which characters are formed with the selected dots from rectangular matrix is called

A) letter font
B) page font
C) paragraph font
D) matrix font

MCQ: The high level language includes

D) both A and C

MCQ: When data is input in numeric form, data type in program is classified as

A) rational string
B) string
C) irrational string
D) real integers

MCQ: International large companies have set up of mainframe computers in different countries is an example of

A) connected area network
B) timed area network
C) wide area network
D) terminal area network

MCQ: Printer type in which cylindrical platen and needles are pushed electrically is classified as

A) of-band printer
B) dot matrix printer
C) ink matrix printer
D) font printer

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