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Computer Fundamentals MCQs - Chapter 13

Programming Languages and Style Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF - 1

The Book Programming Languages and Style Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Programming Languages and Style MCQ Quiz PDF, test 1 to study online Computer Fundamentals Degree Course. Practice Subroutines, Procedures and Functions MCQs, Programming Languages and Style trivia questions and answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The e-Book Programming Languages and Style MCQs App Download: data types and structures, introduction to high level languages career test for online degrees.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): In COMAL language program, after the name of procedure parameters must be in PDF, "Programming Languages and Style" App Download (Free) with back-slash, punctuation marks, brackets, and semi colon choices for applied computer science. Solve subroutines, procedures and functions quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online computer engineering programs.

Computer Fundamentals MCQs: Programming Languages & Style Quiz PDF Download - 1

MCQ: In COMAL language program, after the name of procedure parameters must be in

A) punctuation marks
B) back-slash
C) brackets
D) semi colon

MCQ: In the command "110 DIM num(10)" in BASIC language, the '110' declares

A) one-dimensional array
B) two-dimensional array
C) three-dimension array
D) mulch-dimension array

MCQ: Programming language COBOL works best for use in

A) Siemens applications
B) student applications
C) social applications
D) commercial applications

MCQ: Program subroutines are called by

A) other programs
B) fixed variables
C) default constants
D) other systems

MCQ: The statement "130 num(subs) = 2*subs-1" is an example of

A) array in COMAL
B) array in Pascal
C) array in COBOL
D) array in BASIC

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