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Applications and System Programs MCQ with Answers PDF

Applications and System Programs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Applications and System Programs quiz answers PDF to study computer fundamentals online course for computer fundamentals classes. Computer Software Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Applications and System Programs quiz questions for associates in computer science. "Applications and System Programs Book" PDF: program libraries, applications and system programs, applications programs and system programs test prep for computer information science.

"Program which is used to control the system performance is classified as" MCQ PDF: applications and system programs with choices experimental program, system program, specialized program, and organized program for associates in computer science. Study applications and system programs quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free online classes.

MCQs on Applications and System Programs Quiz

MCQ: Program which is used to control the system performance is classified as

experimental program
system program
specialized program
organized program

MCQ: Examples of system programs includes

operating system of computer
trace program
all of above

MCQ: The system programs which performs one simple task are classified as

utility programs
function program
compiling program
inquiry program

MCQ: Program used to transfer contents onto a printer from VDU screen is classified as

utility dump
screen dump
function dump
inquiry dump

MCQ: System software's are supplied by the

text slots
payroll programmers
inquiry programmers

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