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The Network Protocols Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Network Protocols Quiz Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 31-7 to solve Computer Networks Practice Tests. Learn Wireless LANs MCQ Questions PDF, Network Protocols Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) to learn online certification courses. The Network Protocols Quiz App Download: Free educational app for network protocols, unguided media: wireless, multiplexers, frame relay and atm, frame relay in vcn test prep for applied computer science.

The Quiz: Bluetooth defines several protocols for upper layers that uses; "Network Protocols" App (iOS & Android) with answers: L2CAP; UDP; HSP; ITP; for applied computer science. Study Wireless LANs Questions and Answers, Google eBook to download free sample for accelerated computer science degree online.

Network Protocols Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 7

MCQ 31:

Bluetooth defines several protocols for the upper layers that uses

  1. UDP
  2. L2CAP
  3. HSP
  4. ITP
MCQ 32:

The electromagnetic waves ranging in frequencies between 3 kHz and 1 GHz are called

  1. high frequency
  2. infrared
  3. microwaves
  4. radio waves
MCQ 33:

In synchronous Time-division Multiplexing (TDM), the data rate of the link is faster

  1. 2 times
  2. 3 times
  3. 4 times
  4. n times
MCQ 34:

If the message in the Segmentation and Reassembly sublayer of the Application Adaptation Layer (AAL3/4) has the value of the Segment type 11, then it is a

  1. initiation of message
  2. ending message
  3. single-segment message
  4. multi-segment message
MCQ 35:

Frame Relay is very cheap than other

  1. LANs
  2. WANs
  3. MANs
  4. multipoint networks

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Network Protocols App (Android & iOS)

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