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International Finance Corporation MCQ with Answers PDF

International Finance Corporation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), International Finance Corporation quiz answers PDF with general knowledge live worksheets for online degrees. Solve international organizations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), International Finance Corporation quiz questions to apply to colleges online. International Finance Corporation MCQ PDF: international court of justice, world current affairs, world food programme, international telecommunication union test prep for online career assessment.

"One wing out of five wings of World Bank named as 'IFC' is abbreviation of" MCQ PDF on international finance corporation with choices intergovernmental financing company, international finance corporation, internal finance company, and intergovernmental financing corporation to apply to colleges online. Solve international finance corporation quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online high school college acceptance.

MCQs on International Finance Corporation

MCQ: One wing out of five wings of World Bank named as 'IFC' is abbreviation of

Intergovernmental Financing Company
International Finance Corporation
Internal Finance Company
Intergovernmental Financing Corporation

MCQ: International Finance Corporation was headquartered in

Geneva, Switzerland
Washington D.C, United States
Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium

MCQ: International Finance Corporation was established by World Bank Group in

24 September, 1954
24 July, 1955
24 October, 1956
24 July, 1956

MCQ: The purposes of International Finance Corporation include

develop private sector
develop government sector
poverty reduction
both a and c

MCQ: International Finance Corporation was owned and governed by

member countries
UN general assembly
UN development group
UN Security Council

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