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Money Market Securities MCQ with Answers PDF

Money Market Securities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Money Market Securities quiz answers PDF with financial markets career tests for online courses. Practice money markets Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Money Market Securities quiz questions for online business administration courses. Money Market Securities MCQ PDF: repurchase agreement, money market participants, federal fund rate, commercial paper test prep for online colleges for business management.

"The funds transferred usually for a day between financial institutions are classified as" MCQ PDF on money market securities with choices federal funds, banker's funds, debt funds, and secured funds for online business administration courses. Practice money market securities quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online classes for business management degree.

MCQs on Money Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: The funds transferred usually for a day between financial institutions are classified as

federal funds
banker's funds
debt funds
secured funds

MCQ: The process of issuing treasury bills is classified as

treasury trading auction
treasury fund auction
treasury bills auction
treasury bills transfer

MCQ: The obligations that are issued by US governments and are obligated for short term, are classified as

bankers treasury
treasury bills
treasury funds
secured treasury

MCQ: The promissory notes issued by company for short term fund raising are unsecured are classified as

unsecured notes
debt paper
term paper
commercial paper

MCQ: The drafts which are backed up by banks and are payable to seller of products or services are classified as

banker acceptance
secured acceptance
unsecured acceptance
economic acceptance

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