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FAQ: Zoology Comprehensive Study Guide for Quick Study PDF Download eBook p. 6

Practice "Zoology Comprehensive Study Guide for Quick Study" quiz PDF to solve zoology courses test 6 for zoology certification. Zoology comprehensive study guide for quick study to solve zoology quiz with answers for online degrees.

"Most common example of class gastropoda is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices garden snail, fresh water mollusc, helix pomatia, and hydra for online masters programs. Learn phylum mollusc-class gastropoda questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college courses.

Quiz on Zoology Comprehensive Study Guide for Quick Study Worksheet PDF Download eBook 6

Zoology Comprehensive Study Guide for Quick Study

MCQ: Most common example of class Gastropoda is

  1. Fresh water mollusc
  2. Garden snail
  3. Helix pomatia
  4. Hydra


Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers in Zoology

MCQ: Molluscan body is mainly divided in

  1. 3 parts
  2. 8 parts
  3. 7 parts
  4. 9 parts


Technical Zoology Quiz Questions with Answers

MCQ: Taeniarhynchus saginatus is an example of parasitic tape worms that resides in

  1. Adults liver
  2. Adults small intestine
  3. Infants Intestine
  4. Infants liver


Zoology Interview Questions for Written Test Exams

MCQ: Loriciferans have separate sexes and have pair of

  1. Lungs
  2. Gonads
  3. Ovaries
  4. None of these


Basic Zoology Test for Zoologist Employment with Answers

MCQ: In Protozoan the cytoplasm is differentiated into two regions namely;

  1. Mesoplasm and psudoplasm
  2. Cytosol and coelom
  3. Ectoplasm and endoplasm
  4. Outer cytoplasm and inner cytoplasm