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FAQ: Basic General Knowledge Everyone Should Know PDF Download eBook p. 64

Practice "Basic General Knowledge Everyone Should Know" quiz PDF to solve college courses test 64 for medical and nursing interview questions. Basic general knowledge everyone should know to solve general knowledge quiz with answers for questions to ask in an interview.

"Who discovered typewriter" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices w.a burt, richard trevithick, robert wilhelm bunsen, and hermann ludwig ferdinand for questions to ask during an interview. Learn inventions questions and answers with free online certification courses for job assessment test.

Quiz on Basic General Knowledge Everyone Should Know Worksheet PDF Download eBook 64

Basic General Knowledge Everyone Should Know

MCQ: Who discovered the Typewriter?

  1. Richard Trevithick
  2. W.A Burt
  3. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
  4. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand


General Knowledge Latest MCQs

MCQ: Who discovered the Compound microscope?

  1. Gaustav Robert Kirchhoff
  2. Zacharias Janssen
  3. Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand
  4. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen


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MCQ: Who invents the Morse code?

  1. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
  2. Richard Trevithick
  3. Samuel Finley
  4. Gaustav Robert Kirchhoff


General Knowledge Preparation Guide for Students

MCQ: Distance between the Earth and the sun is smallest in the month of

  1. August
  2. September
  3. October
  4. June


Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions

MCQ: Height of Geostationary Orbit is?

  1. 36,000km
  2. 25000km
  3. 4890km
  4. 2156km