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The e-Book Quiz on General Knowledge GK Questions and Answers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, download to study online general knowledge courses. Solve Land of Rising Sun Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), General Knowledge quiz answers PDF for online career assessment. The eBook Quiz on General Knowledge GK Questions & Answers App Download: test your general knowledge online, general knowledge current affairs, science and technology quiz questions and answers 2017, test your kids - general knowledge mcqs test prep for graduate school interview questions.

The MCQ: Which country is known as the land of rising sun? PDF, "Quiz on General Knowledge GK Questions & Answers" App Download (Free) with america, china, japan, and russia choices for online career assessment. Practice quiz on general knowledge gk questions & answers quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) to learn free online courses.

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MCQ: Which country is known as the land of rising sun?

A) America
B) China
C) Japan
D) Russia

MCQ: Unit kilohertz is used to measure

A) pressure
B) sound
C) weight
D) electromagnetic radon wave frequency

MCQ: The approximate surface temperature on the sunlight side of the Earth is

A) 17°C
B) 23°C
C) 31°C
D) 0°C

MCQ: GF Swift discovered the

A) refrigerator car
B) steam turbine
C) arc lamp
D) monotype

MCQ: Calcium content is maximum in

A) wheat
B) rice
C) maize
D) peanuts

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