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FAQ: General Knowledge Human Body Questions Answers PDF Download eBook p. 25

Practice "General Knowledge Human Body Questions Answers" quiz PDF to solve college courses worksheet 25 for tech interview prep questions. General knowledge human body questions answers to solve general knowledge quiz with answers to learn free online courses.

"Bamboo is a" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices secondary nutrient, trace nutrient, macro nutrient, and none of above for global knowledge quiz. Learn general knowledge for everyone questions and answers with free online certification courses for best online colleges.

Quiz on General Knowledge Human Body Questions Answers Worksheet PDF Download eBook 25

General Knowledge Human Body Questions Answers

MCQ: Bamboo is a

  1. trace nutrient
  2. secondary nutrient
  3. macro nutrient
  4. none of above


General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

MCQ: Which one of the following crop has the highest photosynthesis activity?

  1. rice
  2. wheat
  3. sugarcane
  4. cotton


Basic General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

MCQ: Which one of the following tree required minimum water for its growth?

  1. banana
  2. babul
  3. mango
  4. apple


General Knowledge Study Guide for Job Seekers

MCQ: Who discovered the Holograph?

  1. W.H Carrier
  2. Casimir Funk
  3. Dennnis Gabon
  4. Rene Fermi


GK Questions for Kids

MCQ: Who discovered the Neon Lamp?

  1. Casimir Funk
  2. W.H Carrier
  3. Rene Lorin
  4. Georges Claude