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The e-Book General Knowledge Current Affairs, General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF download to learn online general knowledge courses. Solve General Knowledge for Everyone Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), General Knowledge quiz answers PDF for questions to ask in an interview. The eBook General Knowledge Current Affairs App Download: test your general knowledge online, general knowledge current affairs, science and technology quiz questions and answers 2017, test your kids - general knowledge mcqs test prep for global knowledge quiz.

The MCQ: UNO stands for PDF, "General Knowledge Current Affairs" App Download (Free) with unit number, unless noted otherwise, universal network operations, and united nations organizations choices for questions to ask in an interview. Practice general knowledge current affairs quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for easy enrollment online colleges.

General Knowledge MCQs: General Knowledge Current Affairs PDF Download

MCQ: UNO stands for

A) Unit number
B) Unless Noted Otherwise
C) Universal Network Operations
D) United Nations Organizations

MCQ: One horse power is equal to

A) 2206 watts
B) 356 watts
C) 897 watts
D) 746 watts

MCQ: Electric lamp was discovered by

A) Humphrey Davy
B) James Prescott joule
C) Humphry Davy
D) Stephen King

MCQ: Hyetology is study of

A) pressure
B) rainfall
C) earthquake
D) temperature

MCQ: Which one of the following is living fossil?

A) red panda
B) ginkgo
C) hoatzin
D) all of above

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