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FAQ: Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers p. 9

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Practice "Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers" quiz PDF to solve mathematics courses worksheet 9 for gre mathematics certification. Basic mathematics objective questions and answers to solve engg math quiz with answers to apply to colleges online.

"Function on which we want to find integral of is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices integrand, slice, multiplicand, and cell for graduate school interview questions. Learn vector integral calculus questions and answers with free online certification courses for job placement test.

Quiz on Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers Worksheet 9

Basic Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers

MCQ: Function on which we want to find the integral of is called

  1. slice
  2. integrand
  3. multiplicand
  4. cell


Engineering Mathematics Practice Problems with Answers

MCQ: Eigenvalue of a square matrix A are the roots of

  1. differential equation
  2. characteristic equation
  3. integral equation
  4. logical equation


Differential Equations Questions with Solutions

MCQ: Operational calculus is also known as

  1. operational analysis
  2. operational amplification
  3. logical analysis
  4. integration


Linear Algebra Solved Worksheets for Engineers

MCQ: Product of any matrix A and any scalar c is written as

  1. cA
  2. c+A
  3. c/A
  4. A/c


Objective Type Questions in Differential Equations

MCQ: Linear second order ordinary differential equation is non homogeneous if

  1. there is no constant in equation
  2. solution is zero
  3. solution has some value
  4. independent variable is present